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Powered By USPORTFOR we are proud to represent and provide services in INDIA for the filming of sports matches and stream them live through our or club channel. AI-based solutions without deploying manpower at the venue.  

Digitizing Team Sports 

Usportfor is a company created by athletes for athletes. We give the same visibility to 99% of the athletes as the pro athletes. Usportfor's software enables sports clubs to record matches fully automated for performance improvements, live broadcasting of matches, and video analysis. Like this, you will bind the youth, family, sponsors, and fans to the club. 

Automated camera for Team Sports

USport For Hockey

USport For Hockey

Play Video

Record games fully automated in high-quality video. The videos are excellent for video analysis and live streaming. You can record matches from all angles by placing a camera on the middle line with the opportunity to expand the system with cameras on the short sides. The automated camera is available for FootballHockeyRugbyBasketball en Handball.

Increase Visibility

Benefit from Usportfor’s open platform. The video rights belong to the club. You can use the video for public sharing or to use it for private use in the club.

Usportfor helps broadcast matches on your website. You can do this by using our plugin on your website or via a link to your club page on the Usportfor site.

Open Platform

Club TV