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Digitizing Sports In India



CHANGE AWAITS - With changing times we pride ourselves in the ability to support industry and bring the change of digitization to all sports with the help and support of different sporting bodies. Our goal is to support the federations, associations, clubs, academies, and partner with sports management companies to digitize the growth of sports to benefit the industry and its players. 

Our Mission

Post-Digital India, you would not find sports being digitized on grounds. The country is unable to grow sports because of the need for an Authentic Sports Data revolution. Nobody has the funds to develop their own platform to digitize. Let's harness that. 

BASICX SPORT is the baby of StartWith Basicx Pvt Ltd, which is a SaaS-based software company that has expanded its core business into the field of sports. The company’s business model is to leverage this platform to support the surging needs of Sports Digitisation in INDIA. Since the inception of Idea in 2019, it has come through a lot of learning and implementation with its initial sports partners. 

Basicx Sport will keep developing and innovating its unique services and values of honesty to benefit the Players, Fans, Federations, Associations, Clubs, Academies and Sports Management Companies. 

Our Vision

Impacting sports bodies by providing the tools to digitise all sports in INDIA

Our Values

Better Data - Better Sports

Sports is Global.

Sports is Unifying.


Empower and Digitise sports which are growing, and benefit the structure of ecosystem


Technology is always innovating itself and we would always strive to improvise for users.

Our team


Himanshu Jain

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CTO & Co-Founder



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CEO & Co-Founder



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Marketing / PR

Sourav ghosh.jpg

Sourav Ghosh

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Advisory Board

Sidharth Niagm2.jpg

Sidharth Nigam

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DGM LG Electronics, Passionate Sports Observer 

MAdhurika Patkar (Passport Photo) .jpg

Madhurika Patkar

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Arjuna Awardee, Current Top Indian national player and Director Sheerose Welfare Foundation



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8 Times National Champion, International Player being in Top 20 World Ranking. An Olympian

Rupali Repale.jpg

Rupali Repale

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 Rashtrapati Awardee for youngest Swimmer to cross the English Channel, Entrepreneur

Our Partners

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