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Why Analytics?

Understanding Numbers helps analyze various factors that we generally miss or overlook.

Sports Analytics refers to the use of data and advanced statistics to measure performance and make informed decisions, in order to gain a competitive sports advantage. Sports Analytics when properly applied can yield tremendous competitive advantages to a team or an individual.

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How Does the Analytics Work and adds Value

Interesting and engaging platform build to benefit the Coaches and through them the Players. A coach can onboard multiple players and upload their videos and get video tagged by us. This helps the coaches to engage more in-depth with their players in their own language. A player can always directly upload and get comments and guidence from our specialist Analyst.


Filming Matches

Start Recording Now

The key to any form of sports analysis that how good and with the best angles the video has been recorded. 

Record matches through our App or uploads them later the rest would be then left to us to get you the quickest tagging and Analytics of your Match.

Ping Pong Player

Table Tennis

Personlaised Tagged matches and key error findings on demand

Playing Volleyball


Multiple matches data, video access and data helping coaches plan strategies for the team

Empowering Coaches - HOW?

Table Tennis Coach is the key analyst or an in-depth guide to any player. If the coach is given the power to ease his work of breaking down the videos and equipped with Analytical data, he can always discuss with players, suggest the point of corrections with quick highlights of matches played. 

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We make Special pricing to suit every need

Check out our pricing models as per your need and choose multiple additional options to add to your services. 

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