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Maximize Your Full Potential.

Digitising Sports


CHANGE AWAITS - With changing time we aim to accelerate the performance of all sports professionals and bring about the change of digitization to all sports with help and support of different sporting bodies. Our goal is to support the federations, associations, clubs, academies and also partner with sports management companies to help digitize the various aspects of sports so as to make sports easy to organize and play. 

Basicx Sport App

Sports Mangement Services 

Our Unique & Easy to use SaaS-based solution through both mobile and desktop helps in digitizing any requirements of a sports body or organization.


We intend to be the technology partner for associations, Academies, and sports management companies to provide quick sports tech solution for their organization as well as their players. 

AI Powered Sports filming 

Basicx Filming

Ever thought of Live Streaming all your club's or tournament matches?Ever thought of engaging effectively with your team's

Fan's and Well Wisher's 

Basicx Filming provides automated video filming services. for all sports. Now you can own your own data. connect to fans and even monetize teh same to have a club income. Stream the matches live effortlessly now through your club channel using our AI-based solutions without deploying manpower at the venue.  

Usportfor Casmera Image .jpg

We help teams and athletes win

HUDL Video & Data Solutions

More than 160,000 clubs worldwide use Hudl to improve performance across the whole team. From the boardroom to the youth academy, tactical decisions to player recruitment, Hudl makes your club more competitive at every level.

Basicx Sport is pleased to be the exclusive partner for Hudl in India. 

Sport Tactics

Your personalized health report

Live Consciously 

A scientific way to assess your health. Let's assess and transform lives.  

Backed by 25+ years of scientific research and science-driven health assessing platform to evaluate your various health metrics. 

A Health score to help players interact statistically with their dietician, fitness trainers, psychologist, and coaches.

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MAster Ping Pong with Fast pong

Become A Pro 

Level up your game with the revolutionary table tennis training system, compatible with any ball shooter  

Train Like Never before with

FastPong System

Using FastPong is more efficient than only using a ball shooter alone.  Train with FastPong to improve your reaction time, speed, and accuracy.

Scientific Research Proved 


Reaction Time


Decision making




We expertise in Customized sports Analytics

Accelerating Performance


One of the fastest games with the highest frequency of rallies to make it the most widely accepted sport in the World. With technological developments around various sports, it's time for Table Tennis to take the front stage and support players' growth and actions with statistical data along with videos to make accurate decisions and the interactions of coaches and recruiters easy. 

Basicx is committed to taking Table Tennis Analytics to a different level.

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