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Why you should digitize your sports body?

Digital Law of Attraction 

Players want to be part of innovation. Players show interest to be part of innovative clubs. Technology eases monetization.

Mobile Revolution

The power of technology has amplified and connected fans more closure to every player and club. Stay connected and updated. 

Comminuity for Real

The new catchphrase "data is the new oil" shows how important is to master the Art of management to convert social fans in to real fans.

Multiple Clubs Startegy

Multiple Clubs & Teams at same venue is possible through digitisation and planning their growth. Own & Control your process.

Urban Running

What We Do Manage










Players and members of a sports body

It's time to digitize the management of players in any form of activity, training, or performances. Easily take annual subscription and events money online and submit accounts online.


Tournaments conduction through Mobile App

Publish and popularise the Tournament as per your preferences and collect entries online and share draws and results online. 


Data management of tournaments, players, trainings and coaching

Academies, clubs, Associations can manage all data at their end and help players to connect with past performances and plan for the future. 


Analysis of collected Data

Collecting various data from players, matches, and trainings helps the sports bodies to analyze and rectify the shortcomings on the part of management and players.


Various centers, coaches, students, and managers all connected to one app and making batch management easier and safer for parents too.

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Time for small and big states with any sports association to digitize itself and manage every activity and player at their end. It's time to support and help players been supported by the association.

Sports Ref


A great place for players to practice and relax, but the management is always tedious with multiple activities at the same time. Our SMS makes it easier and comfortable for members.

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Sports Management Companies

Multiple events with multiple sports, Multiple activities at multiple centers, and managing different staff now made easier and at your control.

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