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A Magical Sport!

What are the benefits of playing table tennis?The answers you hear the most should be: strengthening your body, losing weight, improving your body shape. But if that's all you know, then you can't say that you know table tennis. A group of scientists from different countries have used several years or even ten years to show you that the benefits of playing table tennis are far more than what you can see. It is way beyond your imagination!

Migraine Buster:Researchers at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden have found that playing table tennis can effectively regulate the nervous system. If a migraine does 40 minutes of exercise three times a week, especially playing table tennis, his symptoms will be significantly reduced after three months. American neuroscientists have also discovered this during the practice of medicine. In his record, 16 patients with migraine who can't even cure with drugs finally defeated by 6 months to 2 years of low-intensity table tennis exercise. Migraine headaches not only relieve their symptoms, but they also got rid of the shackles of medicine jars.

The gospel for hard of hearing: Ears, arms and legs, these three organs seem incompatible, but there are hidden mysteries in them. Scholars at Bellaming University in the United States have found that people who regularly play table tennis are 6 percentage points better than the average hearing average without exercise. The reason is that whenever you spread your legs and open your hands, the blood circulation system in the body can be improved. Especially the blood circulation of the ears, so that the ears can better absorb nutrients and protect hearing.

Anti-cancer expert: Finnish scholars conducted a 17-year follow-up study of 2560 middle-aged men and found that people who play table tennis are much less likely to develop cancers of the gastrointestinal tract and lungs. Experts say that during low-intensity table tennis training, the human body breathes in oxygen several times or even ten times more than usual, which makes the organs in the whole bodywork better. If you lack exercise for a long time, cancer cells in hypoxia are much more active than usual.

Relieve Anxiety: Vigorous exercise has always been considered an effective way to release stress. As everyone knows, playing table tennis is also an excellent way to relieve anxiety. Southern Methodist University in the United States has discovered that people can produce automatic decompression agents for pressure. And playing table tennis is the source of this decompression agent. The source of anxiety comes from the "dentate gyrus area of the hippocampus" in our brain. If there are insufficient new neurones, anxiety will be triggered. Playing table tennis can stimulate your own "new-born neurones", thereby alleviating anxiety.

Enhancing memory: A scientific research report from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom reveals the relationship between table tennis and intelligence. According to the results of the study, spending a few days a week, playing table tennis can stimulate the brain and improve one's thinking ability. Tens of thousands of people have new brain cells in the memory-associated area of the brain after playing table tennis for a few days. This undoubtedly enhances the memory ability of golfers, allowing them to learn faster and more efficiently. No wonder that many national leaders and celebrities in various fields are table tennis enthusiasts.

Courtesy: HAOKAN

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Unknown member
Nov 08, 2020

Its indeed the most loved sports in the world

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